April 17, 2021
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School students charged for free enrolment form

03 June 2016 - Students trying to gain admission to the Basic Education High School in Sami of Paletwa Township, Chin State were forced to pay for an enrolment form, which was supposed to be free of charge.

Last Saturday, high school and middle school students paid 1,000 kyats, and primary school students 500 kyats for the form.

Peter Lawilu, an editor of the Khumi Media Group, told the Chinland Guardian: “It was true that the form was sold, not given free, to students. The headmaster is responsible for this matter.”

Headmaster U Aung Htay has been accused of setting the fees and ordering staff members to sell the form at school in the town, recently given its new status from being a village.

Sami community leaders expressed disappointment over the headmaster’s decision, saying this kind of corrupt manner should not be practiced in free education system.

Dr Myo Thein Gyi, Union minister for education, said in an interview posted on the Ministry of Education website that school enrolment would be free and students would also be provided free stationery.

Pi Sung (name changed as requested), a school teacher in Hakha, told the Chinland Guardian that no charges should be made for the school enrolment, adding: “It is an official announcement that every school has to follow. We don’t charge money from students here.”

The Chinland Guardian is not able to reach the headmaster for comment.#

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