April 14, 2021
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Transparency tops agenda of new Chin State’s Chief Minister

30 March 2016 – Following his appointment to the top executive post, the newly sworn Chief Minister of Chin State has said that transparency and accountability are needed to tackle the issue of corruption and bribery.

The Chin State Parliament agreed to the appointment of Salai Lian Luai as Chief Minister of the State government in a parliamentary session yesterday.

The 62-year-old MP of the National League for Democracy, from Falam Township, will soon form his Cabinet that will be leading the administration of Burma’s poorest State for the next five years starting this Friday.

Chin communities inside and outside the country sent congratulatory messages to Salai Lian Luai, the first democratically-appointed civilian Chief Executive Officer of the State in more than half a century. Under the 2008 constitution, State and Region governments have only symbolic and nominal authority, with most political decision-making power vested in the Union government.

Pau Lun Min Thang, a State Hluttaw MP of the Zomi Congress for Democracy from Tonzang Township constituency No. 2, expressed his thanks, saying: “Although we are of different parties, we have the same goal. I believe that he will lead us at his best.”

A former government employee, Salai Lian Luai retired as District law officer and worked in various places in the country, including Falam, Mindat and Matupi towns in Chin State, and Rangon, Sagaing and Mandalay Regions.

Dr Ba Maung, an elected MP of the Union Solidarity and Development Party and outgoing State minister of Social Affairs, said: “He has got experiences in goverment work and I strongly believe that he will best lead us in the development of Chin State as a whole.”

In a Chinland Post interview, the new Chief Minister said: “As we are a democratic government, it is important that the public do not just wait for what to be done for them but actively participate in our work. Without the involvement and support of the public, a democratic government cannot be established.”

He will succeed ex-Brigadier General Hung Ngai, a Chin Buddhist originally from Mindat Township, a USDP MP, and the then chairman of the former Chin State Peace and Development Council under the military junta.

Born to Christian parents of Pu Thla Tin Thang and Pi Hrang Bual Zing in Airibual village in Chin State in 1954, Salai Lian Luai received his Bachelor of Law degree from Rangoon University and another bachelor’s degree in Religious Education.#

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