April 12, 2021
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No injuries at bomb blast in CNF Liaison Office

20 October 2015 — A bomb, believed to be a time-bomb, exploded at the Liaison Office of the Chin National Front (CNF) in Tedim of northern Chin State last night at around 11:15 PM, Chinland Guardian has learned.

The explosion broke glasses, windows, brick walls and furniture of the top of three-storied building, which is also accupied by the owner’s family, as well as, a local shop.

No casualty was reported but the building owner’s family who live on the second floor evacuated immediately after the explosion. It took place ate Saklam Ward in Tedim Town.

According to local sources, there are nine staff working out of the Liaison Office but no staff member was present at the time of the explosion.

According to the local police who inspected the site, the bomb was improvised home-made devise. The police said they found plastic bags and wires remnants at the site. The General Inspector of Police of Chin State, Chief Tactical Commander of the military and Dristict Administrative Office of Chin State are reportedly due to arrive in Tedim following the explosion.

CNF spokesperson Dr. Sui Khar said, “This is obviously orchestrated by some entities or individuals who have misgivings about the recent NCA (Nation-wide Ceasefire Agreement) signing. Of course, there are a number of elements that might be to blame, but no one has taken responsibility for it.”

On Thursday (15 October), the CNF was among the signatories 8 ethnic armed groups of thec NCA, which has been criticized for excluding some of the major enthic armed groups – a process also seen by many as being rushed through ahead of the upcoming general elections in November by the current quasi-civilian administration of President Thein Sein.

Earlier in the year in March, a similar blast took place at the same liaison office. But no one was injured in the blast.#

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