April 17, 2021
Chin News

Burma Army detains Chin escapee from Arakan Army

04 October 2015 — Ai Ling Min, who had managed to run away from the Arakan Army, is being detained in Paletwa Township by the Burma Army.

The Burma Army Light Infantry Battalion No. 289 has kept him in their military base for no obvious reasons since 26 September.

According to the Khumi Media Group, Burma Army soldiers based in Peechaungwa took him to LIB No. 289 the following day.

Salai A (name changed for security reasons), Ling Min’s relative, said that he had seen him with his two hands tied up with ropes and being taken by the soldiers on 30 September.

He added that his attempts to meet him were not successful and that his wife was due to give birth soon.

“His wife who is heavily pregnant now, has been staying with their two children, at an IDP (internatally displaced person) camp after the conflict between the Arakan Army and the Burma Army took place in their village, Pyinso.”

Ai Ling Min was arrested by the AA soldiers in March this year while he was returning home from fishing.#

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