April 14, 2021
Chin News

Nursing student from Mindat missing

28 April 2015 — Thang Khaw Tee, 19, has been missing since 20 April when she left Mindat for Pakkoku town, Magway Region to return to her nursing school.

Her parents, Pu Khui Shing Ling Thang and Pi Thang Yawng, said that they hadn’t heard from her and that she hadn’t got back to her school.

They added that she had been supposed to be re-admitted to her student hostel on 23 April.

Tee, a first-year student from the Nursing and Midwifery Training School in Pakokku, had gone to her home in Mindat town, Chin State on 11 April during the water festival holidays.

In summer, it takes just a day or two to travel from Mindat to Pakokku by bus, according to locals.

The case has been reported to the Mindat Town Police Force.#

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