April 13, 2021

US ambassador to Burma visits Chin State

21 April 2015 — Derek Mitchell, the US ambassador to Burma, is making his first trip to Chin State, arriving in Hakha today.

The 50-year-old American diplomat and his team were greeted at the entrance to the capital by a group of town-elders, pastors and leaders in traditional dress.

He visited the Caarcaang hill where the Christian cross, which had been ordered to be removed from its location by the State government, is planted in the western part of Hakha.

Later in the day, he met with members of the Chin Peace and Tranquility Committee, the Chin National Front, and town leaders, according to the Hakha Post.

Mr Mitchell is scheduled to have a meeting with the government of Chin State and other department heads tomorrow.

Derek Mitchell, whose appointment as US Ambassador to Burma was confirmed by the US Senate in June 2012, is the first in more than 20 years to hold that post.#

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