April 18, 2021

Complaint against Daily Eleven’s errors in location’s name

20 April 2015 — The Daily Eleven newspaper, printed in Burmese in Burma, has been criticized for its errors in reporting the name of a location in ethnic states.

The April 19 edition of the newspaper wrongly mentioned at least three times in one of its news stories ‘Paletwa’ as part of Arakan State.

Actually, Paletwa is the name of the biggest town in Paletwa Township, one of the nine townships in Chin State, bordering Arakan State.

Aung Htin, chairman of the Paletwa Township Social Organization based in Rangoon, sent a letter to the Burmese newspaper today, demanding its apology and immediate corrections to be published in the next edition.

The letter pointed out that the newspaper had made the same error in the past. The Daily Eleven had printed its correction for the mistake published on 15 January 2014.

It also indicated that it might create an unnecessary dispute over the region between the two states.#

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