April 20, 2021

Multilingualism will continue to be hallmark of Burma: CHRO

31 March 2015 — The Chin Human Rights Organization said that Burma would continue to be a nation of rich diversity in terms of ethnicity, languages, dialects and cultures.

In its statement today following a two-day national seminar titled ‘Continuum of the Richness of Languages and Dialects in Myanmar’, the CHRO emphasized the importance of multilingualism in the country as a hallmark of the nation.

It said: “Multilingualism is an essential resource rather than a hindrance to any country. Numerous scientific studies have demonstrated that encouragement of it has many potential social and other benefits.”

It urged the government of Burma to develop a formal language policy in its national building process and to guarantee the preservation, protection, and the promotion of all of its language and dialects, alongside the majority language.

The government should provide ‘adequate institutional and financial support for the promotion of multilingualism’ in the country, the organization said.

The event organized at the Summit Parkview Hotel in Yangon from 25 – 26 March 2015 brought together key stakeholders from different ethnic groups, including ethnic political parties, literature and culture committees, student and youth representatives, and ethnic armed groups, as well as renowned academics from prestigious universities around the world.#

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