April 13, 2021
Chin News

State govt to open new Matupi-Paletwa motor road

14 March 2015 — The government of Chin State is set to open a new road connecting the two townships of Matupi and Paletwa in the near future.

Kyaw Ngein, State minister of Forestry and Mines, said in the Chinland Post that Chief Minister Hung Ngai would inaugurate the road although the date was not fixed yet.

“The road is not completely finished. Only about one mile along the border of the two townships is left. It should be done in a week,” added the Chin minister, of the Chin Progressive Party.

It is believed that the official opening ceremony will take place in the first week of April, according to a source from the State government.

The new motor road, which is about 135 miles long, will link Matupi town with Paletwa and Sami in Paletwa, the Chin township with the highest number of villages inaccessible by car.

According to the minister, the new road is named ‘Chin State Central High Road’ as it will be connected to the road passing through Sami, Matupi, Rezua, Hakha, Falam, Tedim, Tonzang and Cikha.#

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