April 13, 2021

Police destroy 566 acres of poppy fields in Chin State

10 January 2015 – Police forces in Chin State carried out three operations against poppy plantations in the northern township of Tonzang, destroying a total of 566.81 acres.

Inspector Thet Naing Soe, of the State Police Force, said that they had launched the operations after making necessary investigations in locations identified as poppy fields.  

The most poppy-cultivated areas belonging to at least 13 villages in the township, bordering Manipur State of India, have been found, according to The Chinland Post.

However, the police said that they could not yet confirm who owned the fields and that no arrests had been made.

The inspector also said that no legal action would be taken against villagers who were known to be involved in the plantation.

“We will only provide them with awareness training in order to help them stop their involvement in the plantation. The State government and NGOs are responsible for providing an alternative for their livelihood,” he added.

Police officers from the State Police Force, and Hakha and Falam District Police Forces launched the operations between 10 December 2014 and 7 January 2015.

In January last year, the State government claimed that more than 600 acres of poppy fields were destroyed in the same township.#

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