April 18, 2021

Burmese refugee women demand protection in India

08 March 2014: More than 600 Burmese refugees staged a rally in Delhi today, asking equal rights and safety for them in India as they commemorated International Women’s Day.

Burmese Refugee Women in Delhi (BRWD), which organized the protest event, said that it has documented more than 200 cases of violence against women and children in Delhi alone over the past three years.

It added that more than 100 of the cases are related to sexual violence, adding: “This is an ongoing problem with no proper protection mechanism available for refugees in India.”

Holding placards and banners, they chanted slogans that read ‘We Need Protection and Justice. Stop Sexual Harassment and Discrimination’, highlighting the insecure situation facing refugees from Burma in the Indian city.

Ms. Akhu, a BRWD leader, said: “We, Burmese women, are neglected and badly treated when it comes to health and security issues. Therefore, we urge the Indian government and the UNHCR to provide a better and safer service for us in our daily crisis.”

They called for an immediate stop to all forms of violence and discrimination against women, and on the Indian authority and the international community to step up their efforts in improving conditions for refugees in India.

It is estimated that there are around 8,000 refugees from Burma, the majority being Chin, currently stranded in Delhi.#

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