April 13, 2021
Chin News

One killed, nine injured in Hakha-Matupi road accident

22 November 2013: A jeep plunged about 50 feet below the hillside road near Loklung village, Hakha township, Chin State around 11am today, killing one and injuring nine passengers.

According to the Hakha Post, a 60-year-old woman named Pi Ngun Ca died on the scene while 3 males, 4 females and 2 children were injured in the accident on the Hakha-Matupi road.

By the time driver Uk Mawng, 25, realized that the tie rod had came off and shouted to the passengers, the two wheels were rolling off the road and the vehicle tumbling down the hill, it added.

A hospital staff member from Hakha said that some of those injured still remained unconscious.

Owned by Pu Tial Thang from Lungrang village, and operated under the Aye Chian bus service, the jeep carried 12 passengers including the driver when it left from Hakha at 8am in the morning.#

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