April 13, 2021
Chin News

CNF provides rice for villages hit by food shortages

28 October 2013: The Chin National Front (CNF) has provided rice with the help of the Nippon Foundation for villages in Chin State affected by food scarcity.

According to the Hakha Post, more than 450 rice bags were delivered to at least 12 villages in Thantlang and Falam townships, and the CNF also provided financial assistance to cover transportation fees to some places inaccessible by vehicles.

‘Unusual’ bad weather with heavy rains and strong winds have been blamed for destroying crops and hence bringing yields of harvest to a record low across Burma’s western state.

In response to a question raised by an MP during the recent Chin State government parliamentary sessions, the government indicated that a survey had been conducted and that necessary action would be taken accordingly.

It added that it would also work with the NGOs and INGOs to address the situation should the survey results prove the existence of food shortages.

Local media report that Thantlang, Falam, Tedim, Mindat and Paletwa townships have been hardest hit by the food shortages, with the situation worsened by destruction of roads due to heavy downpours.#

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