April 13, 2021
Chin News

Khumi cultural museum construction works near completion

19 September 2013: Building committee of the Khumi cultural museum in Paletwa town of Chin State said works on the construction have neared its completion with about 90 percent finished.

The committee chairman said they would like to organize an opening ceremony of the museum on 1 December together with a celebration of the Khumi New Year.

“But we are worried that our budget may not be enough to complete the construction in time. Otherwise, it will have to be on 20 February next year,” said the chairman.

According to the Khumi Media Group, the building has been constructed since 2010 with main contributions from communities inside the country and abroad.

Most of the Khumi Chin live in Paletwa Township of southern Chin State, with some in Mizoram State, India and Chittagong Hills in Bangladesh.#

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