April 20, 2021
Chin News

About 200 Chins still detained in Malaysia

07 September 2013: Chin refugee communities said an estimated number of about 200 Chins arrested during recent nationwide crackdowns on illegal immigration remain in detention centres in Malaysia.

One of the community leaders told Chinland Guardian that the number of Chin detainees could not be confirmed yet.  

“But we know that the estimated numbers include both UN registration cardholders and those undocumented,” added the Chin leader, who asks to remain anonymous.

Malaysian authorities arrested over 2,000 people including 555 from Burma, in crackdown operations conducted on Sunday and Monday alone.

Burma’s government is sending its delegation to talk with Malaysian authorities to deal with migrant workers arrested.

Ye Htut, a spokesperson from the President’s Office, told the Irrawaddy that those identified as Burmese citizens would be deported.

Meanwhile, Malaysia-based UNHCR has started recording names of asylum seekers from Burma, excluding Rohingya and Arakanese, since last Monday.

Sources from Kuala Lumpur said about 1,700 asylum seekers from Burma have been recorded as part of a new registration programme until the end of this year.#

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