April 14, 2021
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Over 80 families asked to evacuate in Falam township after landslides

26 August 2013: Over 80 families from a hillside village of Zalai in Falam township, Chin State, have been forced to evacuate their homes due to heavy landslides.

Chief Minister of the Chin State government, Pu Hung Ngai, who visited the site yesterday, made an evacuation announcement as the village stands on the hills affected by the landslides, a source close to the government said.

Five houses were swept away but no casualties have been reported.

The VCTH news said the landslides have gradually started since last Friday between Zalai and Laizo villages.

Some villagers go to K. Hmunpi, Lungpi and Lungraang villages for temporary shelters while others flee to Falam, the biggest town in the township, according to VCTH.

A government employee in Hakha told Chinland Guardian that an area of land in Falam town is reportedly reserved for constructing new buildings for the victims.

Contributions including cash and goods have been made toward helping the landslide-hit victims by government offices and departments as well as individuals and NGOs.#

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