April 13, 2021

ZoRO rejects 3rd World Zomi Convention

22 August 2013: The Zo Reunification Organization (ZoRO) said it will not attend the third World Zomi Convention slated for late October 2013.

In a statement last Friday, ZoRO said it is not necessary to hold a meeting as such for all Zofate, meaning sons of Zo.

“This so-called 3rd World Zomi Convention being organized by the Zomi Council is not sponsored by ZoRO. ZoRO, therefore, decided not to participate,” added the letter.

The Zomi Council in Manipur of India plans to convene the 3rd World Zomi Convention, aka Global Zo People Convention at Lamka in the northeast Indian state. from 25-27 October this year.

It is aimed at discussing internal social and cultural issues so as to find out better directions to strengthen the ongoing geo-political reunification of the Zomis, according to the official concept note on the upcoming convention.

Both statements stress that they are divided into three countries of India, Bangladesh and Burma since the British colonial period, generating a socio-geographical alienation and contrasting political ideologies among themselves.

Therefore, Peoples’ Conference Party of Mizoram and Zomi National Congress, Manipur jointly organized the first World Zo Reunification Convention at Champhai, Mizoram State of India in 1988, according to ZoRO’s statement.

ZoRo said the second World ZoRO Convention took place at Vanapa Hall, Aizawl, Mizoram in July 1991.

In its statement, ZoRO said it acted from different angles as an independent organization for reunification of all Zofate. It participated in sessions of World Indigenous Peoples under the auspices of UN.

“ZoRO does not feel it imperative, as of now, to conduct a convention of all the Zofate since it finds no other compelling issues.”

LB Sona, Chairman of the Zomi Council, said trivial diversities are not the question while stressing on the consciousness of one’s identity, culture and the undying love for ancestors.

When asking about the Zo reunification movement, Chairman of the Zomi Council (ZC) said while the present reunification keeps wheeling on individualistic matters, culture should be equally checked and redressed lest it slowed down the process of stronger reunification among the Zo people.#

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