April 13, 2021

88 Generation students visit Chin State

09 March 2013: A group of the 88 Generation Students is on tour in Chin State, holding public meetings in the northern major towns.  

The 15-member team, led by Min Ko Naing, has received a warm welcome from the Chin public as they make their first trip to Burma’s poorest state.

In a public meeting held at the Carson Hall in Hakha today, Min Ko Naing said the purpose of their trip was simply to strengthen relationship and collaboration with the Chin in the peace process.

He also extended his offer for open discussions where people could speak freely and share their concerns and issues as he acknowledged a slight improvement in freedom of expression in the country.

“He said he is Mon and he met many Chin friends while in prison. He talked from his experiences and it was an inspiration,” said Salai Thang, who attended the Hakha public gathering.

The group faced restrictions imposed by the authorities on meeting with the public in Falam, which included a prohibition of gathering with more than 50 people and using a loudspeaker.

Members of the 88 Generation team said they stood together with the Chin for their development as they acknowledged various difficult situation neglected in the past by authorities.

Arriving in Kalay of Sagaing Division on 6 March, the group started their first trip to Chin State the following day, stopping at Tedim, Rihkhuadar, Falam and Hakha.

Founded in 2005, the 88 Generation Students Group is mostly described as a movement consisting of students who were active during the 1988 uprising.

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