April 12, 2021

Chin Refugee Baby Born With Brain Outside Skull In Serious Condition

Hope for survival of a Chin baby boy born with a cleft palate and brain outside his skull in Malaysia is still ‘up in the air’ as decisions can not yet be reached regarding an operation due to its uncertain consequences.

“I am not sure if we are going for the operation. One nurse said that it is very risky and could even make the child’s life shorter. I don’t know what to do at the moment. All I want is to have my baby in my arms as long as possible,” the child’s mother, Ms Man Sian Cing told Chinland Guardian.
The 7-month-old frequently suffers from seizure and muscular contractions. It is unlikely that the child will live for a year if the operation is not carried out, the doctor said.
The Chin baby boy, named Hau Khan Khai, has to be taken to clinic at least twice a month as he is most of the times sick with high fever, sometimes unconscious and crying in severe pain, according to his mother.
When asked about the operation on the baby, the 21-year-old mother said: “Well, we want the best for our child. We are told that it is very expensive to have an operation and that it costs so much money. So, even if we want to have the operation, we will not be able to afford.”
Ms Cing, who was recognised as a refugee in 2007, also said that she received financial assistance from UNHCR in Malaysia. The medical fee provided by UNHCR is not enough to cover all the expenses and the child’s father has to do odd jobs to meet the expenses, the Mizzima News said.
The Chin refugee baby boy was born in Klang Hospital in Kuala Lumpur with his right leg and right fingers deformed.
An ethnic Chin from Sielthawzang village of Tonzang township, Chin State, Ms Man Sian Cing said: “We don’t know how long our baby boy will live but we would like to say our heartfelt thanks to everyone who helps and prays for us from across the world. Please keep on praying for us. We don’t give up but still hope that something better will come.”
Van Biak Thang
18 January, 2009

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