April 13, 2021

Chin Fans Grieved Over Death of Sai Htee Saing

Chin fans were left saddened, mourning the sudden departure of a popular Shan singer Sai Htee Saing, who died in Yangon, early morning last Monday.

A legendary musician, mostly known as Ko Htee, 58, had been said to be reportedly suffering from ‘lung problems’, sources said. His funeral service is to be held at Yayway cemetery in Yangon today.
Of the then Chin music band ABC (Amawi Ber Chinland), Salai Tawna, a close friend of the deceased, bemoaned “irreplaceable loss” of his friend’s passing. “There will be no replacement for somebody like him. It will be very difficult for Burma to have another talented musician like Sai Htee Saing,” said Salai Tawna, who met Sai Htee Saing at an ABC’s concert in 1983 where Ko Htee sang as a special guest.
“Just like his sweet, euphonious voice, he is kind-hearted, humble and caring. He does not have such a thing as egotism and pride,” added Salai Tawna along with his wife, recalling the moment at their wedding back in 1998 where Sai Htee Saing sang.
An ethnic Shan, Sai Htee Saing of The Wild Ones, a band he co-founded with his composer Sai Kham Lait, made a huge influence on the hill peoples, mainly ethnics, of Burma through his songs both in Burmese and Shan by introducing Shan culture.
“Many of his songs talk about us and our lives. I see him as an image of the hill peoples through music in our country. He passed away but his songs will remain with us forever,” appreciated Lai Kam, a Chin student in London.
With the late famous Chin singer, Salai Sun Ceu, he once made a hit album especially among the Chin people, with their songs depicting lives about the hill peoples.
Born in 1950 in Lin Khae, a small town in southern Shan State, Sai Htee Saing was last seen abroad at his performance in London on Shan New Year’s Day in December, 2007. He is survived by his wife, Khin Than Soe, his son and two daughters.

Van Biak Thang
London, UK
12 March, 2008

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