April 20, 2021

Chin Medical Student, Sasa, Gives Free Treatment To Thousands Of Chin Famine Victims

Thousands of Chin patients from the most famine-affected areas in Chin State have travelled on foot across the mountains to the Indian-Burmese border to receive free medical treatment from a village clinic opened by Chin medical student, Sasa.

Five other MA students, who ask not to be named for security reasons are also volunteering in this dangerous yet worthy life-saving mission with Sasa, a final year medical student at Armenian University.
“As an individual, I have the privilege of giving medical treatment for 3757 patients who came to the border village clinic. I am so thankful to Prince Charles and his charity, and International Health Partners for the medical help,” a doctor-to-be, Sasa, told Chinland Guardian.
“I wish all the Chin people across the world know that our people are dying due to this ongoing famine. We need not words but actions. This is not the time for playing political game by putting on the face of the famine but for standing together to face the reality and help the life to be saved,” added Sasa.
Sasa said 759 rice bags have been delivered directly to 61 villages and some more are on their way to the villages as he thanked an unnamed mother and other friends who lent a helping hand to make this operation possible.
When asked about completing his education, Sasa, who is due to continue his remaining study in the middle of September, said: “Actually, I haven’t finished my study. But the time has come for me to do this. I have heard our people crying with my own ears, I have seen their sufferings with my own eyes and I have felt the brokenness and the pain in my heart. I will serve them with all I could. What is the use for me to come back to my native place when the famine has finished our people’s lives? This is the time our people need us most.”
Meanwhile, a series of concerts to raise awareness and fund for the famine victims is organised in Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore with well-known singers, Zam Nu, San Pi and Sung Tin Par from Burma, and Mimi Lalzamliani and Malsawm Tluangi (SP) from Mizoram State of India.
A doctor-to-be, 27, urged all the Chin communities across the world including Chin political parties, religious and social leaders to put all their political, religious and social differences away but to come together to save the lives of the Chin people who have been suffering from all kinds of famine-related illness starting from malnutrition to hunger to death.
A Mara-Chin from Southern Chin State went to the Indian-Burmese border in July, 2008 after meeting Britain’s Prince Charles, government ministers and International organisations in the UK as a member of the Chin degelation that made an advocacy trip, raising awareness and relief aids for Chin victims of the devastating food crisis in Chin State, Burma.

Van Biak Thang
30 August, 2008

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