April 14, 2021

UNSC Urged to Brand USDA As State Sponsored Terrorist Organization

December 12, 2007-Geneva: Burma

nationalities representative urged the United Nations Security Council UNSC to brand Union Solidarity and Development Association (USDA) an organization establish and supported by Burma ’s ruling military junta State Peace and Development Council (SPDC) as state sponsored terrorist organization during the Sixth Session of United Nations Human Rights Council being held in Geneva .

Dr. Sui Khar foreign affairs secretary for the Ethnic Nationalities Council of Union of Burma (ENC) took the floor introducing his organization to the UN Human Rights Council saying that the ENC is representing seven ethnic states in the Union of Burma to establish democratic federal union based on equality, and that ENC is legitimate and credible organization to speak on behalf of all ethnic states in Union of Burma because the ENC members includes all groups in each state.

Taking up the floor on behalf of Netherlands based International Work Group for Indigenous Peoples (IWGIP), Dr. Sui Khar, made a statement at the ongoing UN Human Rights Council urging that the United Nations Security Council must brand the USDA as state sponsored terrorist organization based on their involvement in the past and recent military crackdown on peaceful demonstrators in Burma.

“Looking at their activities the USDA clearly meet the standard of state sponsored terrorist organization. The USDA was created and they are actively participated in the assassination attempt upon Aung San Suu Kyi during Depeyin massacre, intimidating and insulting pro-democracy parties and activists for the past several years, and their active role in recent crackdown in Burma ” said Dr. Sui Khar.

On the previous day, the SPDC ambassador to the UN made a statement saying that “People all over the country have been holding peaceful mass rallies within the bound to welcome the successful conclusion of National Convention as well as the establishment of Commission for drafting of the state constitution and to demonstrate their aversion of the present provocative events.”

During his oral intervention today at the UN Human Rights Council, Dr. Sui Khar rebutted that the SPDC’s ambassador statement was not true. “In fact these people were forcibly dragged by order to participate in the rallies otherwise imposed a huge fine which is more than their one month income.

Dr. Sui Khar also urged the UN Human Rights Council that the SPDC must halt all military offensives against ethnic nationalities groups in Burma . In Karen state alone more than 20 thousands refugee fled their home with in this year due to human rights violations committed by the military regime.

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