April 13, 2021

Chin Community in Washington DC Honored Chin & Kachin Delegation

By Salai Elaisa Vahnie – Washington DC: A delegation comprised of the Chin and Kachin activists along with London based Christian Solidarity Worldwide (CSW), shared an evening with the Chin Community of USA Washington DC area at the last day of their mission to Europe and America. The delegation was on a mission to raise awareness about Christian persecution in Burma to the world, especially Britain, Germany, European Union and the United States.

The meeting hosted by Chin Community in Washington DC area was attended by community leaders, politicians, and activists, as well as Church leaders and other member of Chins living in Washington DC area.

The advocacy campaign comprised with the Kachin Women Association, Women League of Chinland, and Chin Human Rights Organization along with Christian Solidarity Worldwide was applauded as a mile stone achievement for Chin community.

Benedict Rogers, author of Carrying the Cross, CSW’s Advocacy Officer for South Asia, prefaced his talk with the understanding that the Chins are the most forgotten people among ethnic groups in Burma. He once again assured that he will not stop working for Chin people, but reiterated the need to be united as one people and one Chins.

Ben declared that his determination to be a voice for a voiceless indeed has now been deeper, and his commitments have been strengthens by a privilege of getting together with the Chin community.

Regarding to the SPDC immediate respond to the report on Carrying the Cross, the author said he was happy to see the way it has been responded by the Burmese regime which indeed shows that the report has an impact on.

The Kachin representative L. Dwelling briefed the meeting about her past activities with the Kachin Women Association and its affiliates. She also talk about the rights of women and their responsibilities, the role of women in struggle for Democracy in Burma, as well as the importance of women participation in the process of rebuilding Burma. But, she reminded the need to maintain the brotherhood relationship between Chin and Kachin.

Cheery Zahau of Woman League of Chinland challenged the Chin people to come together and cooperate each other more closely. She also highlights about Chin women continue struggles in Chin history while talking to secure the current status women in society.

In his talk, Victor Biak Lian of National Reconciliation Program instead focused on how the political crisis in Chin state and Burma as a whole can be solved. He argue Chin people to learn and study about the Chin national movement as he emphasis the necessity of engaging with people to be come a united force as for the best possible solution was stressed.

But “the best way to solve the current political situation in Burma is a tripartite dialogue among ethnic nationalities, the military government in Burma, and the 1990 election winning party. Unfortunately, the regime has been refusing to come to this table. We need more pressure on the regime,” he said.

CHRO director Salai Bawi Lian Mang thanks the Chin community for their unwavering supports, and the CSW for taking initiative and supporting the advocacy trip for Chin and Kachin delegation to this milestone mission and especially congratulate Ms. L. Dweling of KWS and Ms. Cheery Zahau of WLC for courageously shed light on the plight of Chin and Kachin people to the highest level of government officials at United Kingdom, European Union, Germany and United States.

“I would like to encourage Chin people around the world to support activists who have been working for their own people. Also I will continue to work and do all I can for Chin people. Fighting for freedom and justice is a mandate”, said Ben Rogers of CSW.

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