April 20, 2021

Chin Student Union of North America Formed

21 August 2006 – The first North America Chin Student Conference, a historic gathering of Chin students studying in various universities and colleges across Canada and United States of America, was successfully held on 19th and 20th of 2006, at Indiana University-Perdue University, Indianapolis, Indiana State, USA.
During a two-day long conference, attended by 53 Chin students, the participants unanimously agreed to form a student body to be known as the Chin Students Union of North America (CSUNA).
Participating in a conference as a special guests were the Honorable Pu Lian Uk, an elected Member of Parliament from Hakha Constituency in 1990 general elections, and Dr. Salai Lian Hmung Sakhong, a former General Secretary of Chin Literature and Culture Committee (CLCC), and current General Secretary of the Ethnic National Council (ENC), a supreme political body of the non-Burman ethnic based political parties. Two other guest participants include Pu Val Thang and Pu Kap Thio, both of whom were former Chin university student leaders in Burma.
“I am very impressed by the enthusiasm and the willingness expressed by all student participants to work together for the educational development of our Chin people,” says, Salai Za Ceu Lian, the newly elected President. “For our Chin people, it is undeniable fact that what we have in common, which unite us as a unique and one people is much greater than what divides us. Now the time has come for us to realize once again that we are one people with shared values, history, and shared destiny” he adds.
Conference programs also include a special entertainment night where two Chin music bands, Abandon from Maryland and Lai & Heart from Indianapolis rocked their audience with Chin, Burmese and English songs. Also in the program was various presentation of cultural dances presented by Chin youths in Indianapolis.
Commenting on the successful implementation of the much-awaited Chin students Conference of North America, Pu Hre Mang, one of the initiators for the conference says “I am happy that we have accomplished to form North American Chin Student Union. This, I think, will last forever as long as the Chin people live in North America and their young ones go to school.. Moreover, the formation of the CSUNA has proven that our generation has stepped one step ahead in building unity, unity in purpose. I hope that Chin students in other countries will also organize themselves the same way that would eventually help to establish the global Chin student organization in the near future”.

By Elaisa Vahnie
Chinland Guardian

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