April 14, 2021

Chin Student Union of North America Held Its Third Conference

The third Chin Student Union of North America (CSUNA) conference was held on August 2-3 in Battle Creek, USA where more than 60 participants including high school students attended.

The event is organised once a year in a bid to discuss the opportunities and challenges confronting the Chin students in North America and find ways to promote students’ education, welfare, cooperation and solidarity among Chin students across the world.
This year, the committee was said to have included other programs for encouraging the young students in a way that they can develop a better understanding of national values and contribute efforts towards the development and rebuilding of Chinland.
“We are very happy to see all the participants from different places with different background come and sit together without parochial attitudes,” said one of the committee members of CSUNA in Michigan State.
The first conference was held in Indiana with a total of 53 Chin students and the second in Washington DC with more than 80 Chin students from United States and Canada.
The organisation has been actively involved in supporting the global campaign to boycott Chinese Products and the upcoming Olympic 2008 after accusing China of lending its unwavering economic and diplomatic supports, and protecting Burma’s military regime internationally.
The CSUNA, formed in August 2006, is an independent and non-profit organization, dedicated to promoting and standing up for the common causes of the Chin people, the educational opportunities and capacity development of Chin students, as well as cooperation, solidarity and unity among Chin people and is committed to working towards the promotion and preservation of Chin culture, literature, and heritages.

Van Biak Thang
05 August, 2008

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