April 12, 2021

ENC Goes Online

13 August 2006 – The Ethnic Nationalities Council (ENC), a political body representing Burma’s ethnic nationalities has launched a website. Readers can now check out the new ENC website online at www.encburma.org for information about the organization’s background of origin, statements and activities, among others.
The ENC consists of political parties, armed revolutionary organizations and alliances from Burma’s ethnic states. It was founded in 2004 as a means, among others, ‘to facilitate an orderly and peaceful democratic transition in Burma, and to rebuild the country in accordance with the spirit of Panglong, based on the principle of Equality, Self-determination, Democracy, and Justice.’
The establishment of the ENC came exactly a decade after the United Nations General Assembly passed a resolution proposing a tripartite dialogue among Burma’s ruling military regime, the National League for Democracy and the ethnic nationalities as an essential step towards national reconciliation and peaceful transition to democracy.

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