April 17, 2021
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NLD set up new office center in Hakha

02 February 2013: The National League for Democracy (NLD) has established a new centre in Hakha, Chin State where township, state and district offices of its party will be based. 

NLD members of the township, state and district executive committee, and about 30 other leaders attended an opening ceremony of the new office building last Friday.

Pu Huat Chum, one of Chin State representatives of Aung San Suu Kyi-led political party, said at the ceremony: “Staff members would start working in the office from today.”

The district and state executive committee of the party in Chin State is comprised of 15 members each while the township committee is made up of 19 people, according to the Hakha Post.

NLD’s branch offices in Chin State were reopened in major towns including Tedim, Tonzang, Falam, Hakha, Thantlang, Mindat, and Matupi in March last year after nine years in suppression by the military regimes.

Formed in the aftermath of the 8888 uprising, NLD went through a series of repressive measures imposed by the military regime and was permitted to re-open office branches across Burma in 2001.

Banned from any political activities in 2004, the party was declared illegal in 2010 and re-registered in November 2011.

Reporting by Thawng Zel Thang
[email protected]

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