April 14, 2021
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Chin Refugees Robbed, Attacked in Malaysia

03 January 2013: Salai Mang Bik, a Chin refugee in Malaysia, said his rented room of a building in Pudu of Kuala Lumpur was robbed last Monday while he and his wife were working.

The ‘unidentified’ thief broke in by cutting off the lock and stole 3,500 Ringgits kept inside the family’s padlocked wardrobe in a daylight robbery between 2pm and 4pm on New Year’s eve.

“Out of the total 3,500 Ringgits, 2,600 belongs to the Chin nursery school and another 400 to the One Star news agency,” said Salai Mang Bik.

“Our rented room is next to the Zophei Children Learning Centre (ZCLC) and we have a lot of people coming in and out every day. It won’t be easy for a stranger to know in details where we kept the money.”

The One Star Journal, a weekly newsletter published in Hakha Chin by a refugee community, said losses of a guitar belonging to the Chin youth group, a private laptop and mobile phones have been reported in recent weeks.

As of today, details of the robber are not yet known.

Meanwhile, Chin refugee Pu Hre Kung, 25, died following an ‘unprovoked’ attack by a group of thugs near Hung Tuah train station in central Kuala Lumpur in the morning of New Year’s Day.

His friends, who were also attacked and ran away from the scene, said his body was found kept at a hospital when they looked for him later the day.

The body of Hre Kung, originally from Khuathar ward of Hakha, Chin State, remains at the Chawkit hospital as the Malaysian police are conducting an investigation.

Reporting by Thawng Zel Thang
[email protected]

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