April 12, 2021
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Two Refugee Bodies Remain ‘Unclaimed’ in Malaysia Hospital

17 December 2012: Two Chin refugees, who reportedly died in a car accident, have been kept at a hospital’s mortuary in Chow Kit of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for days as no one comes forward to claim the bodies.

Two male bodies identified as Zam Thang, 33, and Rai Cian Thang, 27, remain ‘unclaimed’ in the Malaysian hospital after they were found on the streets supposedly crashed to death by vehicles, according to the Faiceu newsletter.

Pa Kulh, of the Chin Refugee Committee (CRC), said the Malaysian police informed of the situation regarding the two bodies, adding: “Any family members or relatives can keep in touch with CRC for further details.”

The body of Ram Thang was picked up in Pasar Borong in Kuala Lumpur on 20 August 2012 while Rai Cian Thang was found dead in Loke Yew around 1pm on 6 December 2012.

Reporting by Thawng Zel Thang
[email protected]

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