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Sung Tin Par’s New Album Released after Seven Years

14 December 2012, Rangoon: A new album called New of Burma’s famous Chin singer Sung Tin Par was out in Rangoon last Wednesday after 7 years of silence in the music industry.

In a release ceremony held at Park Royal Hotel in the former capital, Sung Tin Par said her new album is special and called ‘New’ because support from friends and Forever Blossom has put her back onto a new path of life.

“All of the songs are written by my close friends, who had actually encouraged me to release a new album. And this dream has come true. Thanks to my friends and fans,” added the 33-year-old singer.

It is claimed that the rampant bootlegging has crippled music businesses in Burma, making its productions close to a halt in recent years.

Sung Tin Par said it is very risky to produce new album at this time of period because of the illegal distribution and sales occurring on the streets.

“This is the main reason why many famous artists and music bands have stopped producing their albums at present,” said the Chin singer.

Copies of newly released CDs and DVDs are immediately available for purchase on the street corners at the price of 400 Kyats while the original album costs 2,000 Kyats in stores.

A CD release of Sung Tin Par’s new album is to be officially put out on the shelf nationwide on 22 December 2012, which will be followed by a VCD/DVD production early next year.

Her new album ‘New’ is produced by Forever Blossom, a department in charge of music production under government-run MRTV 4, the first 24-hour Free-to-Air channel in Burma.

Sung Tin Par, married to her Chin boyfriend Sang Za Lian in 2010, first came to fame across Burma in mid-2000s following her achievement in winning the first prize of nationwide singing contest in Rangoon in 1998.

Reporting by Thawng Zel Thang with Salai J. Ling
[email protected]

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