April 13, 2021
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Thet Mon Myint: Chin are an Able People

06 November 2012: Burma’s famous Chin actress Mai Zung Cer Mawi, aka Thet Mon Myint, said the Chin have got the ability and skills to do as well as other peoples in Burma.

In her short speech during the Chin harvest festival in Rangoon, the Chin model-cum-actress said: “Other people might sometimes look down on us but we, the Chin, are not as bad.”

“We can prove that we are capable of achieving success nationally and internationally,” added Mai Zung Cer Mawi as she congratulated Chin athletes, students and individuals who won outstanding prizes in Burma and abroad.

Speaking in Falam Chin dialect, she said she prayed for the betterment and development of Chin people in the future, according to her speech on Youtube posted by the Chin World Media.

An unexpected turn-up by Mai Zung Cer Mawi surprised the Chin audience and organizers of the event, which took place at the Judson Memorial Hall of Myanmar Baptist Convention in the former capital of Burma last Saturday.

Mai Zung Cer Mawi, from Falam of Chin State, received the best leading actress award of the Myanmar Motion Picture Academy for her role in a Burmese film ‘Adam, Eve and Datsa’ earlier this year.

Reporting by Thawng Zel Thang
[email protected]

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