April 18, 2021
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‘Khuado’ Harvest Festival Celebrated

29 October 2012: A chain of ‘Khuado’ celebrations took place both inside and outside of Burma, marking the end of harvest season in Chin tradition.

Known in Tedim dialect as Khuado, the festival was held at Mae La refugee camp on the Thai-Burma border by Zomi Association of Thailand (ZAT) yesterday.

The event went along with the opening ceremony of a new office set up by Zomi refugees stranded in the refugee camp, established in 1984. Currently, the camp houses about 50,000 refugees from Burma, with 90 percent being ethnic Karen.

Another celebration happened in the Judson Memorial Hall of Myanmar Baptist Convention in Lanmadaw Township of Rangoon, Burma, on 27 October by Tedim Township Association in the former capital, according to the New Light of Myanmar.

Last Friday, Zomi Innkuan in Singapore organized the 17th celebration of Khuado festival at the Chinese Garden House.

In London, Zomi community of the UK held an event on 20 October 2012 with traditional dances and songs.

Speakers of the celebrations included Mang Khup Khai, President of Zomi Innkuan UK; Bianca Son, aka Mang Khan Cing, daughter of the late Dr. Vumson, Thang Sian Mung and Kham Go Thang.

India’s Chennai, also known as Madras, saw the first Khuado celebration on 15th of this month, where an estimated 5,000 Zomis are currently based.

The Indian ‘cultural capital of South India’ is home to members of three churches such as New Life Zomi Assembly of God Church (NLZAGC), Zomi Christian Fellowship (ZCF) and Evangelical Baptist Convention (EBC).

The name of the festival varies in different Chin dialects such as Khuado in Tedim and Tonzang, Fanger in Falam, K’Thai Ei in Mindat and Kanpetlet, On Hu Saung Thar Ei Pwe in Asho, Taai Cha Nai in Paletwa, Cang Zom in Matupi, Khai Mdeh in Dai, Kut or Chavang Kut or Pawl Kut in Thado, Kuki and Mizo, Ku in Mara, and Tho in Hakha.

Burma’s successive regimes previously imposed various restrictions on the celebration of Chin cultural events including the harvest festival in Chin State and other parts of the country.

Reporting by Salai Nyein Chian

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