April 14, 2021
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Blood Donation Made for Chin Refugees in New Delhi

15 September 2012: Over 50 volunteers last Thursday made blood donation for Chin refugees in New Delhi, India in an event organized by the United Pentecostal Church’s youth group in partnership with the Lion Club International.

Mr. Robert, chair of the organizing board committee, said the blood donated by 42 males and 9 females will be used for any Chin refugee patients who are in need of blood.

“The Chin refugees in New Delhi usually embrace big problems in search of blood for Chin refugee patients in terms of money, local transportation cost and time. The objective of this blood donation camp is to ease these constraints,” said Mr. Robert.

Out of 75 volunteers, only 51 met the medical requirements for making blood donation in Janakpuri of the Indian city.

“They [blood donors] are doing on their own will and no one is forced to do so. Before giving donation, they have to sign that the organizing committee has no responsibility if any health problem occur to the donors,” added Mr. Robert.

An Indian Organization called the Lion Club International, which plays the leading role in organizing the event, takes responsibility for prior medical checkups to the volunteers.

Some 24 volunteers didn’t meet the standard condition for blood donation due to various reasons, mostly minor, including underweight and obesity.

“Before giving blood donation, the volunteers are provided some food by our Church and the Lion Club International also offered them some energetic food, with a photo frame as souvenirs. Now, any Chin refugee patients can get free blood through assistance from the United Pentecostal Church in New Delhi,” continued Mr. Robert.

It was the first blood-donating event organized by the United Pentecostal Church run by Chin refugees in New Delhi.

More than 10,000 out of over an estimated 100,000 Chin refugees are currently stranded in New Delhi after fleeing their native places in Burma.

Reporting by A Hmun with Thawng Zel Thang

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