April 12, 2021
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Chin Woman Found Dead in Jungle near Monywa

05 June 2012, Tahan: A body of Chin woman Ms Ting Iang, from Tahan, Kalaymyo, has been found in the jungle of Yimapin near Monywa, Sagaing Division late last month.

The 39-year-old Chin trader, daughter of Pu Lian Lut and Pi Thang Zing, was believed to have been killed and dumped among the bushes during her business trip in June 2012.

An investigation is still undertaken to find out the responsible person for the killing and when it happened, according to an editor of the Chin Times, a newsletter published in Kalaymyo.

“The Monywa police found the dead body on 18 June but up to now, no one really knows the exact date of the incident and what was going on behind the killing,” added the Chin editor.

It was claimed that her body must have been thrown away for weeks as her body had become decayed and was almost unrecognisable.

Sources from the victim’s family said that Pi Ting Iang was travelling toward Monywa in April to see another businessman who had got an outstanding debt to her.

Her father Pu Lian Lut was quoted as saying that the family heard from unconfirmed sources the man in Monywa strangled and killed her, adding: “Only when her body is brought here will we be able to know what was really going.”

A group of family members who have gone to Monywa to get Pi Ting Iang’s body are expected to arrive in Tahan today.

The investigation continues.

Reporting by Pa Bawi

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