April 12, 2021
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New Road Inaugurated on Easter Sunday in Mindat Township

09 April 2012: The government of Chin State yesterday held a ribbon-cutting ceremony to officially open a newly-constructed road between Mindat town and Aukcheng village in Mindat Township in the southern region.

The Mindat-Aukcheng Jeep Road, which is estimated to be more than 50 miles long, was inaugurated on Easter Day after the date was ‘re-arranged’, according to sources from a local community in Mindat Township.

One local Christian leader said the ceremony took place in the evening on 8 April 2012, after it was postponed to coincide with Easter Sunday, a religiously significant day for Christians. He did not give details as to why it was rescheduled.

It is not uncommon for official events to be held in Chin State on Sunday or other Christian religious holidays, although more than 90 percent of the inhabitants are Christians.

Hung Ngai, Chief Minister of Chin State government, accompanied from Hakha by several government officials including Dr. Ba Maung, Minister of Social Affairs and U Ning Naing, Minister of Development, cut the ribbon for the event, also attended by many local leaders.

“People arrived at the village for the opening ceremony in four jeeps and by more than 100
motorcycles. There were performances of traditional dance, shows and modern singing entertainment by a camp-fire at the playground of Auckcheng Middle school,” one of the government employees was quoted as saying.

Meanwhile, another road-opening ceremony is reportedly scheduled to take place in Thantlang Township, Chin State on Sunday, 15 April 2012.

In Mindat Township, it is estimated that there are a total population of 44,246 in which about 18,000 are Buddhists and more than 25,000 Christians.

Reporting by Thawng Zel Thang

[email protected]

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