April 14, 2021
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10 School Toilets Built, Clothes Donated to Children in Falam

13 February 2012: Ten high school toilets have been built and warm clothes donated to about 300 children in Falam Township, Chin State with fund raised by UK-based Chin graduate civil engineer.

Van Cung Lian raised a total amount of 1,810 British pounds by taking part in a half-marathon of The Great North Run 2011 in the UK on 18 September last year.

Three different schools in Falam Town have now got newly constructed toilets and children from one school in Falam and four villages in the township have enjoyed children wear jackets in the winter, according to his project report.

Saying thanks to those contributing towards the fund, Van Cung Lian remarked: “Your generosity has given the schools the best facilities they have never dreamt of before, and now many children will be able to study, work and survive with very warm clothes.”

“We have made massive difference to Falam school, thousands of students now have better and cleaner facilities and those 300 children have now warm clothes. In a way we are also promoting health,” added the Chin engineer, who recently made a trip to Chin State.

He also said he worked closely with members of the Global Falam Youth Organization (GFYO) and Pu Tuak Sang, Vice Headmaster of No. 2 Basic Education High School in Falam, throughout the project until its completion.

Getting his bachelor degree from the University of Nottingham in the UK, Van Cung Lian works as a graduate civil engineer at Halcrow Group in Stock-on-Tees.

Reporting by Thawng Zel Thang

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