April 14, 2021
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Alarm over Chin Refugees’ Involvement in Violent Assaults

15 November 2011: Recent incidents in Kuala Lumpur where Chin refugees got involved in committing physical attacks and extortion have raised concerns among refugee communities in Malaysia.

Last Monday, three members of the Chin Community Disciplinary Team in Pudu of Kuala Lumpur were taken to hospital for head injuries after being attacked around 11pm at night by about 30 Chin youths, who were claimed to be under the influence of alcohol.

Six of the youths have been detained for interrogation over the attacks by the Malaysian authorities with the help of local people, according to a weekly published Chin journal, Seihnam.

Three other Chin male refugees were caught in the act of committing extortion from a Chinese man on the road toward Pudu Pasar in Kuala Lumpur around midnight on 6 November 2011.

Speaking to the Faiceu Chin Journal about the capture, one of the CDT members from Pudu area said: “We had suspicion that Chin individuals who went out after midnight might have plans to do something. Therefore, we followed them secretly.”

Last Friday, another Chin was held over his involvement with other two refugees from Rakhine State, Burma in attacking Pu Sang Khua Lian and his son near their apartment while on his way to go to work.

Lal Siam Mawi, President of the Chin Disciplinary Action Committee, said the community-based organization is planning to take proper actions in order to tackle the problems regarding the incidents.

One of the Chin refugee community leaders told Chinland Guardian: “Most of the Chin refugees behaving violently in Malaysia are from villages in remote areas of Chin State, where there are no schools or education is available only limitedly.”

Meanwhile, Salai Amos Thang Lian Cung, 21, from Falam Town in Chin State, was found dead in their rented apartment in Kuala Lumpur on Sunday. It was speculated he committed suicide but no details as to the cause of his sudden death have been known, according to the Falam Refugee Organization.

It is estimated that there are about 50,000 Chin refugees stranded in Malaysia after fleeing human rights violations and abuses committed by Burma’s military soldiers and local authorities in Chin State, Burma.

Reporting by Thawng Zel Thang

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