April 14, 2021
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Chins in Bangkok Flee ‘unabated’ Floods

29 October 2011: Dozens of Chins currently living in Bangkok have run away from the capital city to escape ‘life-threatening’ floods that continue to ravage the Thai capital for weeks now.

At least more than 50 Chin nationals are now being affected, with some making their way back to Burma while others have evacuated to other parts of Thailand, according to the Chin community in Bangkok.

Pu Kenneth Biak Cin, Chairman of the Chin Community in Bangkok, told Chinland Guardian: “The floods haven’t stopped but kept moving across into Bangkok. Some have moved out to stay with friends in other parts of the city. There is nothing much we can do. Therefore, we are in need of your prayer.”

Some students studying at universities in Bangkok have been advised to evacuate the ‘inundated’ city until further notice from the responsible body.

Rual Lian Thang, 27, a Chin student pursuing a master in international development studies at Chulalongkorn University, said: “Since the floods continue, our university is closed and we are told to go out of Bangkok to a safer place until we are informed of the situation.”

“Most of the shops near our apartment have run out of drinking water and foods such as bread and snacks. It is dangerous and not safe at all. Some of our Chin friends have gone back to Burma as their universities are flooded,” said the 27-year-old, who arrived in Chiang Mai on Tuesday.

It is estimated that there are about 300 Chin people living in Bangkok, according to the Chin Community in Bangkok.

A group of 23 students from Burma on short training courses in Sukhumvit, Bangkok have been moved out of the Thai capital to Pattaya as the floods threaten their residing areas.

Thailand’s worst flooding in 50 years has affected thousands of Burmese migrants, with over 1,000 workers in urgent need of relief aid in Ayutthaya, one of the worst-hit provinces, according to sources.

It is reported that more than 370 people have died since the start of the flood in July this year that has submerged a third of Thailand’s provinces and displaced over 110,000.

Van Biak Thang
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