April 14, 2021
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Refugee Left Severely Injured By Malaysian RELA

29 May 2010: A Chin refugee, Thang Zaua, was severely beaten up by Malaysian RELA Corps and Immigration following a three-hour midnight raid last Wednesday and is now left with seven stitches on his face.

Mr. Thang Zaua, of Tahan Town in Kalay Myo, was repeatedly pummelled and kicked until he fell down ‘unconscious’ and yet bleeding before he was allegedly rushed to hospital in an ambulance called by the RELA.

The Tahanian is said to have lost four teeth and been suffering sharply from the pain caused by the stitches on his face due to ‘insufficient medication’, according to VOCR (Voice of Chin Refugees).

His sister, who witnessed the incident, said: “Four RELA Corps including two women entered our room forcibly and suddenly during our sleep and started beating up my brother. They punched and kicked him several times until he collapsed and became unconscious.”

“They didn’t stop beating up although he knelt down and begged for forgiveness. He was forced to sit on a platform and kept isolated from others. No one was allowed to help him up during the immigration check processes.”

Holding only an RSD (Refugee Status Determination) card, Mr. Thang Zaua is not yet obviously recognised as a refugee by the Malaysian authorities.

It is allegedly claimed that he will not be receiving proper medication at a hospital since he does not hold a UNHCR card.

The ‘violent’ midnight raid, reportedly conducted following a complaint from the locals, started at 1am until 3am at Jalan Alor, Bukit Bintang of Kuala Lumpur, taking in more than 300 foreigners.

Those holding the UNHCR cards are said to have been released after being checked by the Malaysian authorities.

Van Biak Thang
[email protected]
Chinland Guardian

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