April 13, 2021
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More Dead Bodies of Chin Refugees Found In Thailand

29 May 2010: Six more dead bodies were identified as Chin refugees from Burma after days of search operated by Chin community in Bangkok following a car accident between Phetchaburi and Cha Am provinces in Thailand.

The accident caused by the police-car chase last Monday near the Thai-Malaysian border claimed a total of 13 Chin refugees’ lives, with 9 bodies found being kept at a Buddhist Temple and 4 at Police Station in Cha Am.

Khin Mya Win based in Thailand said: “The bodies kept at a Buddhist Temple were those thought to have died during the accident and the others at Police Station after being admitted to hospital.”

According to the latest email sent today by Khin Mya Win, 17 are now found alive with 12 being detained at the Police Station and 4 being treated at Phetchaburi hospital while a teenage boy named Bawi Tin Sang is said to have been seen in Malaysia.

Rev. Lal Pek Lian, Pastor of Chin Christian Fellowship (CCF) in Malaysia, urged Chin Christians to have a special prayer for the safety and well-being of those still detained and hospitalised, and for preparing burial services for the dead bodies, adding: “Our prayers and deepest sympathies are with the bereft families, and we are sharing their burdens,” as he thanked the search team of Chin community in Thailand and staff members of Raks Thai Foundation.

The accident occurred near the Thai-Malaysian border when a Malaysia-bound vehicle driven by an ‘agent’ carrying a total of 30 Chin refugees was confronted and reportedly shot by the Thai police.

It is claimed that the Thai driver will be charged with human trafficking and smuggling cases.

Van Biak Thang
[email protected]
Chinland Guardian


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