April 13, 2021
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Rangoon Fanger Celebration Drew Hundreds

16 October 2011: Over 6,00 people yesterday attended the 19th celebration of ‘Fanger’ festival held at the Judson Memorial Hall of Myanmar Baptist Convention in Rangoon, Burma.

The Chin event organised by the Falam Pawlpi marked a traditional festivity celebrated at the end of the harvest reason when farmers came home in their village after working on their farms for months.

Pu Nawl Hto, Chairman of Falam Pawlpi, said: “The purpose of Fanger celebration is mainly to protect and promote our culture. Besides, we also work to provide voluntary social services to our community at the times of tragedy and joy.”

He also said a total of 18 people from the Falam community in Rangoon passed away within this year alone according to our record today and the community has made necessary social services and financial contribution as needed.

During the Chin traditional celebration, sessions of honouring students passing the 10th Standard with distinctions, and paying homage to the elderly over the age of 75 were included, with short speeches given by Chin leaders from the Falam community in Rangoon.

Another programme took up the stage with Chin traditional dances and music concert led by the Buanel Music Group.

In his speech, Chairman of the Falam Pawlpi also thanked the audience for their warm support and participation at the event, adding: “This really shows our solidarity, brotherhood and love for our culture and identity as one nation.”

It is estimated there are about 800 households from Falam Chin tribes living in Rangoon, with more than 20 denominations and about 20 bible colleges.

The Falam Pawlpi, a voluntary community body responsible for the ‘Fanger’ celebration in Burma’s former capital is a non-profit registered organisation, first established on 26 September 1985.

Reporting by Thawng Zel Thang

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