April 12, 2021
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Missionary Day Observed by Mara Christians

30 September 2011: Mara churches and Christians in Mizoram State, India and Chin State, Burma last Monday celebrated the 104th anniversary of the arrival of the missionary couple to their region, Rev. and Mrs. Reginald Arthur Lorrain.

The public holiday in the Mara Autonomous District in India, now better known as Maraland Missionary Day, is celebrated on 26 September, marking the day that the Christian pioneers from Britain first set their foot in Saikao (Serkawr), Saiha District of Mizoram in 1907.

“They [the Lorrains] were sent here to preach the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Every year, September 26 is celebrated as Missionary Day throughout Maraland in Mizoram, India and Chin State, Myanmar,” posted the Samaw website.

In Mara Autonomous District Council (MADC) area of Mizoram, it is a public holiday, with schools and offices being closed on the day, according to the website.

It is claimed that 100 percent of Mara people are Christians today.

Last year, a celebration was held at the compound of MADC Office in Saiha, Mizoram State, with  a special guest, Rev. Violet L. Anne Mark, granddaughter of the late Rev. and Mrs. Reginald Arthur Lorrain.

One of the Mara pastors said during the celebration: “This year, the Missionary Day falls on Sunday which is even more convenient to celebrate in a special way. We are really thankful that the last missionary Rev. Violet Anne Mark is still living with us.”

Locally named Vaili Mano & Paw or Tlosai No & Paw, Rev. & Mrs. R.A. Lorrain, founded the Evangelical Church of Maraland (ECM), one of the three pioneer churches in Mizoram, alongside the Mizoram Presbyterian Church by Rev. D. E. Jones in 1897, and the Baptist Church of Mizoram by Rev. F.W. Savidge and J.H. Lorrain, who arrived in 1894.

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