April 13, 2021
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Global Zomi Conference to be Held in Kalaymyo

12 August 2011: The Global Zomi Alliance (GZA) is set to hold its conference in Kalaymyo of Sagaing Division, Burma from 14-17 December this year as a follow-up to the April Zomi Summit in Singapore.

The conference, which will be attended by about 250 leaders from across the globe, is programmed to include sessions of discussions, trainings and worship services at night.

Key speakers invited at the event include Rev. Dr. S. Pau Khan En on GZA, Prof. Dr. C. Thang Za Tuan on education, Dr. Do Sian Thang on ecology and environment concern, Dr. JM Ngul Khan Pau on Zomi Disaporas, Pa Hang Khan Pau on community development and Dr. Do Suan Mung on financial stewardship.

One of the leaders said the GZA is not just a structural organisation but one of the movements for bringing unity and fellowship, and ‘wholisitc’ development among the Zomis all over the world.

Late last month, members of the Global Zomi Alliance in Burma organised a meeting at the office of Zomi Youth Association (ZYA) in Kalaymyo under the leadership of Bishop Felix Lian Khen Thang.

The Global Zomi Alliance, initiated during the Cope Centennial Jubilee Celebration in November 2010, and officially formed at the Singapore Zomi Summit in April this year, is made up of 6 Central Committee and 15 Standing Committee members.

Reporting by Salai Nyein Chan and Thawng Zel Thang

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