April 13, 2021
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Houses Flooded, Villagers Left Homeless in Kalaymyo

11 August 2011: At least 50 houses have been flooded and deserted in villages near Myittha River in Kalaymyo District following a torrential downpour of rains for nearly a week.

Scores of villagers who have abandoned their houses due to unsual inundation in the areas are still left ‘homeless’, with no shelter and aid assistance provided by the local authorities, according to sources.

A Chin reporter, who photographed ‘flooded’ houses in Gyigone village, about six miles between Kalaymyo and Kalewa towns, said the water lever of Myittha River has risen due to heavy rains, overflowing into the nearby areas.

“Some families just left their houses as they were all submerged by the flash flood and not safe to live in. So far, we haven’t seen any assistance from the authorities,” an eyewitness who visited the flooded areas told Chinland Guardian.

Some other towns including Tamu and Khampat, where most of the residents are Chins, are also reported being affected with their houses swamped by the flood.

Severe landslides have also made roads completely destroyed, causing transport and travel disruptions in the region since last Sunday.

The local transport department is said to have sent bulldozers to clear the roads in some ‘landslide-affected’ parts of the Kalaymyo District, according to a source.

Kalaymyo is a town in Kalay District located on the Myitta River, a tributary of the Chindwin River flowing just below the town of Kalewa.

There is an estimated population of between 200,000 and 300,000 Chins living across 28 out of 37 townships in Sagaing Division, with more than 80 percent being subsistence farmers.

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