April 11, 2021
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Matriculation Exam Results Plunged to Record Low in Chin State

13 June 2011: The 2010-11 matriculation results announced on 4 June has seen a sharp fall in the number of high school students passing the examination and getting distinctions across Chin State.

The figures show that only 13.67 percent passed the Tenth Standard examination, also known as the University Entrance Examination, plunging to a record low compared to the results last year.

A total of 8,008 high school students sat for the exam and 1,095 got through, with only two students from Falam and Hakha townships gaining four distinctions in the whole Chin State.

Falam Township has got the highest percentage (24.46) of students passing while Thantlang stands at the lowest with only 5.26 percent, followed by Matupi Township.

A local from Thantlang Town told Chinland Guardian: “People talked much about the results and they are not happy at all. Only 37 out of 704 passed the exam, which didn’t include some good students. No one knows what actually went wrong but this is what has happened.”

It has been claimed that most students suffered from the punishment from the authorities after some students were caught cheating during the exam.

This year, the total students passing the matriculation exam across Chin State included 205 out of 834 in Falam, 58 out of 241 in Kanpetlet, 125 out of 644 in Mindat, 201 out of 1040 in Tedim, 219 out of 1637 in Hakha, 34 out of 329 in Tonzang, 124 out of 1214 in Paletwa, 93 out of 1365 in Matupi and 37 out of 704 in Thantlang townships.

Last year, Chin State saw an increase in the number of students passing the 10th Standard, with 17 perecent in total while only 12 percent succeeded in the 2008-09 matriculation results.

Van Biak Thang
[email protected]

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