April 14, 2021
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Book Launch: Testimony of Animist-turned-Evangelist Chin Pastor

23 May 2011: A 285-page book about a life-transforming account of Chin pastor Rev. Tam Ki from remote parts of southern Chin State was launched in an event at Worship Hall of Singapore Bible College in Singapore on Saturday.

The book ‘From Darkness to Glorious Light’, co-authored by a Singaporean writer Ms Lim Min, tells a true life experience of a tribal spirit worshipper from the Chin jungles, who was transformed into a remarkable evangelist and church leader.

Pu Ro Thawng, who attended the book launch event and met with Rev. Tam Ki, noted that he is a humble and committed individual, saying: “It is a book that each family should read and keep at home. I am proud to see that people are wearing our Mindat Chin traditional dresses.”

Rev. Tam Ki, of K’cho Chin tribe from Mindat Township, Chin State, was born in 1953 in M’Chum (also spelt as Machung), a primitive village concealed in the dense jungles of Chin Hills, according to the book published by Armour Publishing.

Rev. Dr. Dam Suan Mung, Founder and Senior Pastor of Full Gospel Assembly in Rangoon, said through his life-transforming encounter, Tam Ki courageously turned away from spirit worship and determinedly shared the Gospel, despite cruel persecution and even death threats from his own people.

In the book, Tam Ki also talked about his native places explaining that the people living in the area are from three main sub-tribes: the M’kaang, Dai, and Mün. Collectively, they are known as the K’cho. My forefathers were descendants of the Mün people.

Finishing Bachelor of Ministry Degree in 1995 from Bethel Bible College in Burma, Rev. Tam Ki is now the pastor of Blessing Assembly of God Church in Burma.

Rev. Tam Ki and his wife, Thang Shwe, are blessed with eight children.

Van Biak Thang

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