April 18, 2021
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Soldiers Demanded Money for Alcohol License

4 May 2011: 49 households from Bukphir, Fartlang and Bulfek villages of Fartlang village tracts, Tedim Township were ordered in mid April to give 1,000 Kyats of a monthly free for their alcohol license to the military authorities, according to Chin Human Rights Organisation’s sources.

An ‘unnamed’ local said that the order came soon after a Corporal from Tedim Police Force, and a Lieutenant and his soldiers from Burma Army Light Infantry Battalion No. 89 stationed in Bukphir village held a meeting on 14 April 2011.

“We have learned that families from villages in Fartlang village tracts along the Indian-Burma border that sell alcohols have got to pay one thousand kyats per month and are threatened that failure in making payment will result not only in terminating the license but also in taking legal actions against the licensees,” added the local from Fartlang village.

“The local people work closely with the military authorities to obtain licenses for selling alcohols. There will be problems in the communities and it would be completely opposite to what the local religious groups have been campaigning and trying to stop the sale and trading of alcohols in the areas.”

In Matupi Township last month, Burma Army soldiers were accused of breaking their own rules by selling alcohol to the local people against the restriction they supported.

The local communities and religious groups across Chin State have been actively engaged in combating alcoholism and fighting against the trading of alcohol in their areas.

Van Biak Thang
[email protected]

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