April 13, 2021
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Global Zomi Alliance Formed in Singapore

01 May 2011: In attempts to find ways of creating channels to have closer communication and collaboration towards building unity and development among the Zomi across the world, Global Zomi Alliance (GZA) was formed during Singapore Zomi Summit held at Trinity Theological College, Singapore on 27-29 April.

The three-day meeting led by five key leaders including Bishop Felix Lian Khen Thang, Rev. Dr. Do Suan Mung and Rev. Dr. Simon Pau Khan En, from Burma; Rev. Dr. Gin Khan Khual from the UK; and Rev. Dr. Chin Do Kham from the US, was hosted by Zomi Innkuan Singapore.

Among the decisions made at the summit included the structural formation of 15 department committees under three main sections such as unity, development and finance.

GZA Central Committee was also formed with the five key leaders, with Rev. Dr. Simon Pau Khan En as President, Bishop Felix Lian Khen Thang as Vice President, Rev. Dr. Chin Do Kham as General Secretary, Rev. Dr. Do Suan Mung as Assistant Secretary and Rev. Dr. Gin Khan Khual as member.

Two more pastors from India, Rev. JM Ngul Khan Pau and Rev. Luai Chin Thang have been invited to become members of GZA Central Committee and up to date, the latter is said to have accepted the offer.

The Central Committee, elected to a five-year term, is tasked to take a leading role in preparing and drafting the constitution and by-laws for the new organisation.

It was a follow-up meeting to the discussion held during Cope Centennial Jubilee Celebration in Tedim Town of Chin State in November 2010, with the aims of establishing a common ground for the betterment of Zomi people in the future.

The next conference is scheduled to take place from 7-11 December this year, with an estimated total of 150 people including new committee members and other Zomi leaders yet to be invited.

A night worship service has been conducted every night since 27 April.

Tomorrow, the leaders are set to make a three-day visit to Kuala Lumpur to hold worship services and meetings with refugees and Zomi Innkuan in Malaysia until 5 May.

Reporting by Salai Nyein Chan and Cung Luai
@Chinland Guardian

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