April 13, 2021
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Chin Christians to Contribute for Victims of Japan’s Disaster

22 March 2011: Chin churches as well as Christian individuals joined in prayers and efforts to make a contribution towards helping the victims left homeless and orphaned by natural disaster in Japan.

Churches in Rangoon, Burma are said to have come together in a prayer appeal led by Myanmar Baptist Convention (MBC), the largest Christian organisation in the country.

A Chin member of Lai Baptist Church (LBC) in Rangoon said: “A collection next Sunday, 27 March 2011, will be donated for those victims in Japan. There are also many individuals who have actively involved in organising a prayer group and donation since the beginning of the disaster in Japan.”

Rev. Dr. Chum Awi, Pastor Emeritus of Chin Baptist Church, Dallas, USA said the church decided to contribute an offertory made at a worship service last Sunday for disaster-hit victims in Japan.

As of today, more than 9,000 people have been confirmed dead in Japan according to the official death toll. Japanese police estimated that over 18,000 people have died in the disaster.

In response to a call on Chin diaspora communities around the world for making contributions, Pu Lian Uk, a Chin MP in exile, said although our contributions may be like a spoonful of water in an ocean, this will show our grave concern.

“We encourage our Christian leaders to give more efforts in this matter even though our own territory is also intentionally devastated by Burma’s military regime,” continued the Chin politician.

No casualties have been reported among an estimated 150 Chins currently living in Japan.

Van Biak Thang
[email protected]

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