April 14, 2021
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One Died, Four Injured in Hnaring Car Accident

17 February 2011: An elderly woman was killed and four other passengers seriously injured in a road accident when a car skidded off the road tumbling down the hill yesterday near Hnaring village of Thantlang Township in Chin State.

The accident occurred around 12:30 in the afternoon on the ‘locally constructed’ road about 5 miles away from Hnaring village while a private jeep owned by a local businessman Pu Mawng Khin was reportedly turning around a zigzag.

“The elderly woman who was reported dead on the spot is named Pi Pa Bee, believed to be in her fifties. Four passengers are in critical conditions and it is claimed that there is little hope for them,” a local resident near Hnaring village told Chinland Guardian.

With the help of a local non-governmental organisation, CAD (Country Agency for Rural Development), local villagers have been actively involved over the past two years in re-constructing the car roads in the Lautu area, with Hnaring being located in the central part and the biggest village.

“Despite enormous efforts made by the local villagers with CAD’s contributions, the road situation in our area is still very bad and travelling is not safe at all. The government hasn’t done anything to improve our transport and communication systems,” said one of the Lautu locals.

About 75 percent of Chinland, one of the poorest and most isolated states in Burma, is hilly and mountainous, according to CAD. Communication is very difficult and only a few villages can be accessed by car during the rainy reason.

Salai Nyein Chan & Van Biak Thang
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